An Inept Walkthrough of Elden Ring Part 5

Check out Part 5 of my Inept Walkthrough of Elden Ring! I’m doing a blind playthrough and am sharing my thoughts as I go through it. I’m not a streamer because I like to play these by myself and I don’t do game guides because I’m not meticulous enough. But video game comedy is my thing which is why sarcastically narrating my journey through The Lands Between feels like the perfect compromise. So that’s why you get to watch this walkthrough from someone who sucks at Elden Ring!

Part 5 is all about my trials and tribulations around Lake Agheel. This includes being roasted alive by the Flying Dragon Agheel, being manhandled by a horrible bear nightmare, being unexpectedly ambushed by the Night Cavalry after whining about not encountering any new enemies, and finally defeating the Tree Sentinel who I’d completely forgot existed until the Night Cavalry reminded me.


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