Elden Ring Boss Review – The Demi-Human Chiefs

FromSoft games are some of my favorite games and the boss fights might be the most thrilling part of those games. Epic, awe-inspiring, terrifying…those are words I would use to describe some of the best boss fights in those games.

Unfortunately, my first post-tutorial boss fight in Elden Ring didn’t really hit any of those marks. The Demi-Human Chiefs in the Coastal Cave feel like they could have just been regular enemies, and not super challenging ones at that. The challenge lies in the fact that they are surrounded by regular Demi-Humans, but that’s not really a fun challenge. It just makes the fight super-random. And these guys are not the most unique looking or memorable bosses.

BUT…I have some complicated feelings towards them because they were the first boss I truly engaged with in Elden Ring. And I discovered them off the beaten path…this was not me going through a traditional Soulsborne level and encountering a boss. This was me just deciding to explore a random area and finding these guys. And defeating them leads to one of my favorite discoveries I’ve had in this game in my 37 hours of playing so far!

So some complicated feelings. For more of my thoughts check out my video on my Youtube channel!


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