An Inept Walkthrough of Elden Ring Part 1

Hi everyone check out Part 1 of my inept walkthrough of Elden Ring! I could never be a streamer because I just wouldn’t find it relaxing to have a bunch of people watch me play a single player game.  And even though I like to analyze video game levels, I would suck at doing traditional game guides or walkthroughs because that requires a level of expertise I could NEVER attain.

But I love to share my experiences of playing games, partly because of all my hilarious mistakes and incorrect assumptions. And I enjoy narrating my adventures because they invariably sound super goofy. So that is how I started this Inept Walkthrough of Elden Ring! Watch as I make repeated mistakes, go in the wrong direction, use the wrong weapon on bosses, and die in various hilarious ways!

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5 thoughts on “An Inept Walkthrough of Elden Ring Part 1

    1. That’s awesome! I’m actually 29 hours in, but just started making these videos so I know there’s so much amazing stuff to come. Dark Souls is actually one of my favorite games ever and Elden Ring is definitely not disappointing! Thanks for watching and subscribing to my channel!

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      1. My favourites Souls games have been Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne, really liked those. I was a bit bewildered by Elden Ring to being with as it doesn’t hold you hand at all does it? But after a few hours in the game really opens up and it’s an awesome game world to explore. Great videos as well on your channel. Thanks for subscribing to mine as well 🙂

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      2. I love Bloodborne…nothing can beat that atmosphere!! I’m considering going back to it after beating Elden Ring. But i think I was exhausted with the formula when i got to Dark Souls 3…I think Elden Ring was the jolt that i needed.

        Anyway glad to subscribe, watching some of your Horizon Forbidden West videos and they are making me wanna go back and finish that game!

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      3. I often revisit Bloodborne from time to time, awesome game! Elden Ring has a similar dark and epic tone I feel. Cheers for subscribing as well and glad you are enjoying the Horizon Forbidden West videos. I have three more in that series, must get around to posting those at some point. I had a break from that game for a bit but when back and finished it before Christmas. Well worth it, the storyline is amazing!

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