Hitman Level Reviews – Paris Challenge #1 (“Speechless”)

The Hitman: World of Assassination trilogy is the series of games that has the biggest discrepancy between how much I expected to like them and how much I absolutely adore them. I picked up the first one in 2018 expecting to play for like a week and I did not enjoy it on my first attempt. Fast forward to today and its probably my most played game (I consider the three games essentially one giant game) since then. The magic of these games is in the level design and I’ve been hankering for how to talk about them but I just couldn’t figure out how to do them justice–there’s just SO much to them and they vary drastically depending on how you want to play them.

So the only way I felt I could do them justice is to review each individual challenge, no matter how insane that sounds! And I’m starting with the challenge “Speechless” in Paris. Check it out!

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