Sarcastic Guide to “Hitman in the Iron Mask” (Hitman 3 Halloween Featured Contract)

Hi everybody, check out my guide for Hitman 3! Specifically this is the “Hitman in the Iron Mask” Featured Contract. I do these a little different than…… Read more “Sarcastic Guide to “Hitman in the Iron Mask” (Hitman 3 Halloween Featured Contract)”

Tips on How to Redecorate Your Bathroom- A Breaking Bad Review (Season 1 Episode 2 – The Cat’s in the Bag…)

Most shows tend to gloss over some of the less glamorous aspects of a plot to get to the next action scene.  I mean, who wants to see a protagonist deal with his wife all over his secret in the second episode?  Who really wants to know how the main characters dealt with the two bodies from the climax of the first episode?  Who the hell wants to spend an entire episode watching characters having emotional responses to what they did in the first episode.   Well seeing as this is the episode that hooked me on Breaking Bad, I can definitely say “me”.