Pointless Rewind – A Seinfeld Podcast (Episode 1 – Pilot)

Hey everyone, for those of you who enjoy my X-Files posts, maybe you’re into other 90’s era television? If that’s the case, check out my podcast Pointless Rewind where we stray into talking about Seinfeld in our first A Pod About Nothing episode!  Listen to us discuss the Pilot episode’s combination of clunkiness and potential, our being able to relate to Jerry and George not knowing what signals a woman is giving, and that maybe the Pilot episode drifts a bit too far into being a show about nothing.  Also, we find time to discuss how Jerry merely gets annoyed with Kramer for ruining a Mets game for him while I nearly broke up with my now-wife because some random dude ruined a Spurs game for me.  All of this while we manage to botch both the intro and outro despite having done this several times before.   Then again this might be just us being meta in an attempt to show how unpolished the pilot episode of Seinfeld is?

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