Why Spend My Time Writing Reviews?

You know, in general, I’d say I’m pretty happy just doing my own thing and not really caring what other people think.  For some reason, that all goes out the window when it comes to watching TV/movies or reading books or playing video games.  I will pore over review after review for a game that I’ve played for 100 hours or for a TV show that I’ve only seen from beginning to end six times.  My friends and family roll their eyes whenever I do this (strangely enough, they roll their eyes during most everything I do) but I feel like it helps me strain out nearly every bit of enjoyment out of these things I love.  (It is also a MASSIVE waste of time but I digress).

Notice I said “nearly every bit”.  This, my friends, is the ultimate journey to obtain that final morsel of entertainment out of these things that give me great joy.  Join me now as I scratch a ridiculously specific, and frankly, ridiculous itch, as I brave the winds of time-wasting, battle against waves of actual productivity, and write reviews for things you all experienced years ago.  Enjoy.



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