Insights Into My Mind

When I was young I wanted to be an author. This was back when I had no idea the kind of hard work and creativity that is needed for that kind of a life. I mean, writer’s block is tough, man. Just look at the picture below if you don’t believe me! Once I became more informed on the subject, I decided that a life of experiencing other people’s creativity (movies, television, books, video games) is more in line with my lazy outlook on life.

However, I never lost my love for writing. This coupled with my ability to go on rambling diatribes on subjects that most people don’t find very important made me realize that I could be a reviewer! (just not a professional one with a deadline or anything). Then I figured, I like to ramble. Let me write about literally everything that is important to me.  Pop culture reviews, San Antonio Spurs, vacations, family…all of it.  That is the tale of how this blog came to be. Riveting stuff..

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